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Sep 17, 2021 NG Update Larry Williams

Sep 17, 2021 NG Update Larry Williams

SO here we are end of week and NG has cooled off from those crazy highs, but should we sell? This is the million dollar question. From the Larry Williams indicator, I was telling you all that I am waiting for the Daily chart to show me a solid Sell signal and I will Sell away. Well, my feet were a little scared today with all the news saying price could remain high over the next 3-6 months. Was the last 2 days just some profit taking?? Will price skyrocket again next week? This is what I am asking myself so I have decided to wait till Monday to see where price action is going - If it rebounds up, maybe I will buy - if it continues moving down, maybe that will be the confirmation to sell for the long term. Anyway, see you all again on Monday and have a great and safe weekend :-)

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