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NIFTY - Market Structure Analysis for Year 2022

NIFTY - Market Structure Analysis for Year 2022

Dear Traders,

As our Indian markets have peaked out and the impact of two long years of pandemic are more evident, stock market as an asset class is likely to have less participation going forward. With Dollar continuing to increase, weakening of most of the currencies all around the world and economies falling under the debt pressure will make investors seek for more stable instruments. The market cap of Gold , Bitcoin , Dollar - all three in parallel has high probability of rising together. Investments in tangible asset classes - houses, lands, precious metals, fiat Dollar can prove to be slightly rewarding compared to any other classes.

For traders, its important to continue to make some decent gains during these times. Choose the right instrument and strategy considering the type of market ahead of us. New traders joining the markets during Year 2020, be cautious and don't forget to enjoy trading.

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