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The CME gap is still a long looming unease

The CME gap is still a long looming unease

It has been more than three weeks since bitcoin's daily adjustment, the longest correction so far in the current rally. But there seems to be no end in sight. I have posted a post before, to the CME gap expressed concern. At present, the jump vacancy mouth is still a bull need to pay attention to the problem. The next two days will see a lot of monthly and option delivery, and we are also seeing a decrease in the quarterly premium, indicating that the bulls are moving away from the market. But this time, the bear will easily let go of the long? Fees on BitMEX have turned negative, and short sellers are happy to pay.

In recent days, there has been some weakness in the market, with shanzhai coins coming on the scene and each leading the pack for three or five days, but bitcoin hasn't budged. Even if it is grayscale add warehouse also did not have the passion. This is a sign that the market has lost momentum, which is the most dangerous moment. Everyone should be on the alert to avoid unnecessary losses.

The CME gap has been filled in the past 3 years without exception, so be careful here, and this week's gap is very typical. If the market falls over the weekend and the CME opens lower on Monday, it is possible to form a floating island. If I were a short-seller, I would want to create the same kind of panic. I hope my fears are overblown.

Trading is not gambling, I always follow the right side standard, there is no long signal at present, wait and see is our choice. Although not enough to eat the profit, but not losing money in this market, is the king of survival.

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