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Counter Trend Trading

Counter Trend Trading

Since March 8th through April 30th my ideas have produced 3,592 points of trading the NQ100 Futures Contract. This is compared to the index points of 1500. Trading from major support & resistance levels in the opposite direction, trending trades to and then against the trend. Counter Trend trades away from such levels are high probability scalps. Failed counter trend trades are good opposite trades and set ups of redirects. Intraday trading is highly predictable when using this method. Its take a big action to create a bigger reaction. Today is setting up a higher probability Long trade or counter trend Long trades. These failed Longs are high probability Shorts. Use this method to get in the flow of the markets Ying & Yang. When ahead in trading you will trade with ease and less stress. We are seeing the development of our next Major Long Trade. Beat the market at is game, let your trades fly. Always use Targets.

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