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Bitcoin CME Futures (BTC1!) - March 31

Bitcoin CME Futures (BTC1!) - March 31

An upward gap has occurred.
Cigars formed around the middle of points 6380 and 6680.

In order to continue the expectation of the ascent, you must rise above the 6680 point.

In order for the movement to ascend to the 6860 ~ 7760 section, you must get support at point 6210.

In addition, the point of transition to a downward trend is 6210.
If you think there is too much difference from the current price, you can set the 6380 point to Stop-Loss.


Most altcoins are affected by the flow of BTC and are gradually losing power.

In this case, you need to be careful about altcoin trading.
We believe that the altcoin must have a lower USDT dominance in order to gain power.

Before trading altcoins, it is recommended to check the flow of the USDT Dominance Chart and the BTC Chart first.

USDT dominance chart.

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