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Wheat: extreme levels and it will continue

Wheat: extreme levels and it will continue

It doesn't matter its overbought, the price continues rising. The war can create one-time only events in the markets. We've seen the Russian Moscow Exchange closed for more than 1 week, USD/RUB skyrocketing and commodities such as Wheat going up completely out of control. We bought Wheat more than a year ago and we've added more volume as the uptrend continued, but seeing these events, we increased even more volume 2 weeks ago and we will continue to do so as this Ukraine-Russia crisis keeps escalating. In European countries, depends a lot on Wheat from Ukraine, and that was completely halted since the beginning of this war. Also, according to some food producers, they have stock for 2 months tops. They don't have an alternative solution for this. Food prices are going up, and if this war continues, many food produces in the EU will not be able to produce wheat-based food in normal figures. The situation is very critical at this point. Disruption could last half a year at minimum. We hold it and add more volume daily as long as this crisis continues.

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