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What is different?

What is different?

So this is what I have been looking at (pardon the split infinitive). Orange line is the line of dip buying that goes back to around february (last lack of stimmies). This current "BTD" has a very different pattern compared to the others. It paused for a day on the dip line and then on Monday of this week crushed through it.

I'm not a technical analysis person. Although I do grant that lines do demonstrate momentum over time. To me this looks like a pretty standard dead cat bounce. I monitor volatility and the severe contraction in volatility matches with the psychological condition of a dead cat bounce. A dead cat bounce is when a large segment of a market believes that the price has reached it's bottom. A collective "sigh of relief" from the slavish morons imagining the end of downward price movement would build a natural "vol squeeze" or a short squeeze environment.

This current market is the equivalent of a marathon runner who has been doing cocaine, steroids, and injecting themselves with adrenaline shots to keep up the pressure. dozens of times before the adrenaline shots were enough to pop back up. But this time it was different. When they reached the dip level it didn't work. Then they sprained their ankle. They had an ecouraging word from granny at the fed, and took another shot. They were unable to reach their dip line, but after what granny said and their second drug infusion, they believe.

The vol suppression on a measely 2-3% increase has been insane. Only comensurate with the delusion and insanity of degenerate gamblers and drug addicts. Making riskier and riskier plays in the false belief someone will save them.

I have my UVXY position. I will not sell major until my target price is reached. I dont care about the short term price. It is the right play. it is what the research says.

I'm curious how next week goes. I kinda just use TV as a journal. I dont much care for opinions. The vast majority of people are mindless zombies. legion.

P.S. The current downtrend started the DAY unemployment benefits ended.

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