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NQ - 4Hr Friday / Weekly Close

NQ - 4Hr Friday / Weekly Close

Sellers from Globex's O/N party were collectively dumped on
their heads.

The Gap Fill, s criminal as it was had a 76% probability of a Fill.

We took it and smiled, our day was complete and Over then for
Intra-Day swings.

It then became a range scalp until the Flood Gates opened once again
as 1C remains incomplete.


It would be comical, were it not so tragic.

A few weeks back every Guru touting higher and higher, is now telling
the followers to SELL SELL SELL.

It is abundant here as well on TV.

We have our initial 001 PO Exceeded by a wide margin, wide enough to
provide confidence in the 1.618 being approached, tagged, and possibly


Options activity should be watched very closely as the Jumbos are not going
to buy the underlying... not a chance. They can use Leverage for Profit, the
FED Tentacles for a Squeeze to begin 2/5.

Retail has been clubbed with BTD, now it's SER - (Sell Every RIp) - Genius
after 2300 Ticks of Decline, SELL~!

Yeah, fairly certain there's far EGGO for the Waffle House.

Wall Street enjoys watching the Investing Public trip all over itself. It is
not ever in their interest to tell anyone to SELL, Never.

The last of the BTD Herd is being Called again for Margin, this should just
about end that charade.

Then it's Money Managers who will not SELL unless instructed too, IF you can
get through to them due to Work at home and no Audex, VOIP Call Center
in the Den, Study, or Garage.


2/5 is quickly approaching for what should be TIME next week.

If 1/5 extends, then we have far larger issues at hand than the anticipated
23% SELL Correction in the NQ might Morph into a Power Down Range of Dangers.

Doubt that, but it's not up to me.

Patience - If all this work lines up, we should see at least a .382 RT or the entire
decline, at a minimum it would be off the 16009 to lows, which would imply a possible
50% RT .

16767 would be the .382.

We will see soon enough.

I'm thought a lot about what the raven might say next week to provide some lift to
Fear., but then Yields did their job and they are far from done. That Saga is just beginning.

I'll provide some context with both ZB and ZN. Poster idiocy TLT is no longer going to be
discussed here as it, much like AMC attracts further silliness.

AMC hit $16, ower still, no further commentary about the Jungle will be forthcoming.
The point has been made and is complete.

TQQQ split of its won accord and appears to be splitting again.

Passive ETFs are a favorite SELL of Wall Street.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone~!

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