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Short FDAX 15400

Short FDAX 15400

I was asked to give more meaningful descriptions. You know I am just an engineer and usually in my mailing lists I just write ‘long 100’ and at exit ‘flat 120’ without any explanation at all. Most signals are time critical so writing explanations would cost the costumers money. But I will try to give you a better understanding. My signals are generated by automated trading systems. So I often have to go into the source code to figure out what was the deciding factor for the signal. The systems generate about 10 to 20 signals a day so debugging can easily become a full time job. But in this case it was pretty simple to sort out what overruled the rivaling factors. It was a chart pattern that my colleagues and I named in german “hängender Schwanz”. I don’t know the exact translation but it means that the candlesticks show a period of preludium, followed by calmness with small candles in a clear trend, followed by a climax with high volume , a calm eye of the storm, followed by uncertainty, a reversion to a gradually falling slope and then an inversion into the opposite direction while repeating the whole move with reversed signs but some important differences. YM 35000+ was the eye of the storm. YM 34000 to 35000 was the uncertainty and now we flow into the inversion. FDAX is dominated by YM, so the same applies here adjusted by local factors like currency, time zone, monetary policy etc. The next few days into autumn will let us know if this is just a minor correction or a move over some month. During the first days of October we saw small rebounds. In November until today we saw a decoupling between Europe and the U.S. due to exchange rates and central bank policy. In the last couple of days this delta shrank again. Today we see the Thanks Giving Party, that can last until monday. Monday, Good Morning! Short FDAX 15400

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