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NQ - Breakdown of TimeFrames

NQ - Breakdown of TimeFrames

Observe how this works when the intent is to Gap and Go / Gap and Trap.

As soon as RTH ended yesterday, we bought.


Simple, the Algos were going to buy Globex off the reversal.

It is important to observe the "Slope" of each concurrent move higher,
they are increasing... which tells us HIGHER.

At 3AM EST EU Session open, German Alogs dunked it for the quick Fill
and proceeded to increase the Slope beginning at 3:30 AM EST.

By 9:30 AM EST and NYSE open... as you can see the chase for Retailers was
on with a flood of "FILL ME @ MARKET" - the Tweetstorms began, Gurus
all over Twitter were hailing their "Bottom Calls" ...

BY 10 AM EST Inst's that Bought Yesterday's close - simply doubled down.

Observe the Slope thereafter.

We should see the Overhead Gaps Filled for both NQ and ES as indicated.

Tomorrow is after all, Fryday and Swing Shorts will be seeing a great deal of
their gains given back.

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