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1-EMA200(exponential moving avrage) in 15min-60min-1440min chart dax 99% pull back of them,dont use SMA on dax or ma 20-50 ,only 200 is important
2-AC (accelator occilator) in 240min and 30min
3-stochastic simple 5-3-3 in 240min and 30min is very very important
daily piviot point
4-fibo raytrace level 61%
5-fibo extention(projection) level 100%
6-donchian channel 20 on 5min for put buystop/sellstop on last high/low, 15min clear high low is very important,all trader put them SL or stop orders
7-pinbar indicator, dax is sensetive pinbar on 15-60-1440min chart, when you see pinbar ,dont fear to inter market,or put stop order on high,low of 15min
only above indicator is enough on dax
8-SL is most important thing on dax , all dax trader must put sl on 15min last clear high,low
9-RSI Divergance only on 60-1440min chart is important not other timeframes

most important dax time is 1hour , daily chart , daily chart clear trend lines and support 100% work
best dax trade time is 8:00CET to 11:00CET , new traders never trade near NYSE times 15cet to 17cet

DONT USE MACD ICHIMUKO these indicator for trendy market like gold not good for zigzag markets like dax

DONT USE INDICATORS GIVE DAX MOVMENT LIMIT like rsi vegas channels or bolinger bond , dax can move 5000 point sharply in only 3 day so dont use indicators give you reverse signal

TRY BE BULL,BUY NOT SELL risk of margin cal on buy is 15% but on sell is 70% , dax weekly trend from 1980 is + for this all pro trader,fund managers,banks trader never sell,they only use buy

dax need min 3 year exprince on demo but after that you can pick daily 10% profit just in 1hour trade

dax best optimise money managment =1000$ max 0.01lot (20$) in CFD,germany Warrants
FDAX optmise money managment =50.000$ max 1lot max open posation=2 (you can use dow or gold or cac40 for hedge orders)

dont forget 1 lot on dax =25lot of forex

NEVER trade on OPTION , on dax your tp must be above 3*SL ,for myself i put my sl=40point tp=180 always , like option if your tp be 0.8 your sl 100% you are looser ,be sure

after tradingview !!!! best trade platform for trade Fdax is ninjatrader and for CFD is metatrader4(dont use mt5)

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