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Silver Bump and Run Bottom Quickpost

Silver Bump and Run Bottom Quickpost

Please review Bulkowski's site for the full write up of a Bump and Run Reversal Bottom

Our lead in is a little short, being from Sept 1 to Sept 18, being about half the time of the 35 day average. Bulkowski does say the lead in can vary widely and I have even seen this on micro timeframes.

Very promisingly is this three day MACD set up, which has a significant amount of hidden bullish divergence (price action setting a higher low but the indicator setting a lower low) which suggest the MACD will cross the signal line as we get continuation of the uptrend (a higher high)

A review of Bulkowski always has a rundown of what happens in case of a throwback and so I refer you to him. This is a quickpost, after all. Please see my linked post on another BARR bottom. I really kick myself for not staying in this trade long enough. I am in AGQ and hope to play this to a higher high.

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