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NQ - 1 Hour

NQ - 1 Hour

CNBC Tout Jim Jonestown Crammer put forth the Meme the NQ could
actually bottom the after Wednesday's selloff.


Then, Jimmy decided - well...

We're not oversold yet.


Guyana Punch.


We need to see a Capitulation Event, as we always do.

Panic selling on Margins squeeze.

A Flashpoint where Money Managers toss-off.


The "theme" appears to be making the FED gag reverse Policy.

Interesting mentality and in synch with overall behaviors.


We have further to correct. How it unfolds will be manic and extreme, unfortunately.

In the Real World of Equity Markets, Financial Media is only a guide to Sentiment and
how Wall Street is positioned.

Price remains and will remain under pressure for the near term.

Cash is an excellent position if you miss the Fill until the next Fill arrives.

Chasing Price... never a good idea as the Measured Micro Moves are working very well
as is Time.

Patience choose your entries wisely, there is always another Trade.

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