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NQ - 2A Explained / By the Numbers

NQ - 2A Explained / By the Numbers

Good grief, what a show of sheets.

2 has been very complex... I know i know...

Look, Dummy, it's making higher Highs and Higher Lows.

Buy the Dip clown.

Problem solved.


The problem is - by my data 14 times in the NQ's history, it's done
this it's failed and made even lower lows 100% of the time when
the Magnitude exceeds 3.9%.

I obey my rules, when an instrument breaks - its a clear violation
of the 2A Up, it did it thrice... then went on to make a higher higher
it's the 4th.

it's 3 to 1 in favor of... yeah, I don't know.

The following has occurred:

A shallow Retracement followed by a significantly lower low.

A more substantial Retracement followed by a far lower low.

A retest of the lows and blow right through them.


Pick one and good luck.

We'll wait after today's armchair folk with Blak Eyes make the Calls.

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