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CL - Crude Oil 4Hr

CL - Crude Oil 4Hr

The Monthly CL Draw - 6.50 to 148. 40 Draw provided clear guidance
as to the Break of 77 as we indicated on the Breakout.

If you followed the Trade, it has been solid, we're $6 over the break.

The Apex has a number of higher Targets, 85 - 88. We will see the
reaction @ the Zenith of the first, second, and third Apex.

The Price of many Soft Inputs - Canola, Soy, Oats, and a great many
others (excluding Rough Rice, of course) continue to suggest the
Transitory expectation for Food Prices remains in defienace.

Gold reversed all of its gains, we have an increasingly larger
range 1596 - 1909 / Yields are adding pressure, the momentary
rally appears to have concluded.

With the BTC ETF ahead, the distractions abound. Wall Street will
do precisely as they did with the launch of the BTC Futures Contract.

Let it breathe and then SELL it without remorse. We will follow riding
their Trench Coats as they will dig a rather large Trench for BTC .

TECH is hostage to EPS / Bond Yields / VXN / VX Curve.

PUT buying has been strong after Dr . Bury was buried in Tesla PUTS,
cashing out Thursday / Friday. We will begin to enter PUT Positions
for Tesla into EPS . @ 900-920 / 760 with 2% committed, as soon as prems
become more elevated, we will Strike.

Tulips abound, consolidation to higher into October 20/21 then Dump
once again until the FOMO Rally concludes.

Crude will provide plenty of Indications this week.

Trade Safe - HK

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