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Traditional|ES1!|Long and short

Traditional|ES1!|Long and short

Long and short ES1!

Activation of the transaction only when the blue zone is fixed/broken.

Working out the support and resistance levels of the consolidation zone.
* Possible closing of a trade before reaching the take/stop zone. The author can close the deal for subjective reasons, this does not completely cancel the idea and is not a call to the same action, you can continue working out the idea according to your data, but without the support of the author.

The "forecast" tool is used for more noticeable display of % (for the place of the usual % scale) of the price change, I do not put the date and time of the transaction, only %.

The breakdown of the upper blue zone - long.
Breakdown of the lower blue zone - short.

Working out the stop when the price returns to the level after activation + fixing in the red zone.

Blue zones - activation zones.
Green zone - take zone.
Red zone - stop zone.

Orange arrows indicate the direction of the take.
Red arrows indicate the direction of the stop.

Priority - The value of the priority parameter implies the author's subjective opinion about the more likely activation zone on this idea, this does not mean that this idea will be 80% activated by this parameter, the purpose of the parameter is to provide for the risk of the inverse of the zone parameter.
Example: "Priority Long: So the author inclines more in the direction of the activation zone open long trades, in this case, when reaching the activation zone in short you should be very careful, because this area may be highly likely to be punched about the breakdown/do not get to take/activate transaction from go to stop."
Please consider this parameter if you use my ideas.

P.S Please use RM (risk management) and MM (money management) if you decide to use my ideas, there will always be unprofitable ideas, this will definitely happen, the goal of the system is that there will be more profitable ideas at a distance.

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