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Silver Testing Trendline Resistance

Silver Testing Trendline Resistance

Silver (Sl1!) closed at $17.90 on Tuesday for a $0.53(+3%) gain on the day. Price is currently testing the $18 level which is just below a diagonal trendline which stems from the August high near $20. Price has also created a series of yellow candles over the past 4 trading sessions which indicates that there is bullish momentum volatility behind price according to my candle color momentum algorithm. The yellow candles indicate that price may be due for a pullback which wouldn’t be a surprise considering how fast silver has moved from below $16 to its current level, especially with overhead resistance in the diagonal trendline .

The Relative Strength Index ( RSI ) shows the green RSI line at the 80 level and indicates that there is strong momentum behind price. While this is bullish for momentum, the 80 level is usually where momentum tends to peak out and price can be expected to weaken in the short-term. An RSI reading above 50 indicates overall bullish price momentum while a reading below 50 indicates bearish price momentum. The purple signal line is rising above the 50 level which indicates bullish momentum in the intermediate-term. Going forward we want to see the green RSI line remain above the 50 level as well as the purple signal line on any pullback as a signal that bullish momentum is holding.

The Price Percent Oscillator( PPO ) shows the green PPO line and purple signal line rising above the 0 level with the green PPO line above the purple signal line which indicates bullish momentum behind price. When both lines are trending above the 0 level the overall momentum behind price is considered bullish , while both lines trending below the 0 level would indicate overall bearish momentum. As long as the green PPO line is trending above the purple signal line, and both lines are trending up from the 0 level the current bullish momentum behind price will be sustained.

The Average Directional Movement Index( ADX ) show the green direction line trending above the purple direction line which indicates a positive trend in price. The histogram in the background is rising which indicates that the current price trend is increasing in strength. In general during an uptrend, you want to see the green line rising above the purple line and for the histogram bars to be rising as a sign that the trend is increasing in strength.

Volume still remains relatively low when compared to recent advances and declines in price seen in the past. In order for the current uptrend to hold we need to see volume increase in order to sustain the move higher. There is a slight increase in volume though which is a good sign during an advance in price, just need to see overall volume increase going forward.

The overall view on silver remains bullish , but a pullback in the short-term is expected here due to the upward price volatility seen over the past week and due to the fact that price is approaching a diagonal trendline . The current stop-loss level for long trades remains at $14.70 which is near the last base made in price, or area of demand. The stop-loss line is drawn just below a series of green doji candles which were indicative of trader indecision prior to the move higher this past week. After being indecisive traders ultimately pushed price higher from that level so going forward I expect that level to continue to be an area of price demand. Should price fall below the stop-loss level it could indicate that traders no longer see value in silver at that level and a deeper pullback would be possible. The levels to watch going forward are the $14.70 level for support, while a push above the diagonal resistance line would be bullish .

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