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NQ little upside potential. Target price 12400.

NQ little upside potential. Target price 12400.

I do not see much upside potential for NQ. Most people think we have seen the high though and contrarian views often win out. So be careful! But what is see is down side move.

-Rising wedge is likely bearish sign. But be prepared DP to take a position if it breaks out from top of wedge line. I don’t think this will happen though.

- negative divergence on MACD indicator, this should persist even if price makes new ATH . Unless price consolidates for a while. However moving toward vertex of rising wedge usually means things to get volatile.

- the pink line represent support but this is weak support as they have only been tested once or maybe 2 times.

- the black line is a demand zone where price will probably react to the upside a little bit. But if it hits this demand zone the downward momentum will probably going to be too strong to overcome.

- next stop would be 12400. The arrow path shows a possible scenario of how price may go. My previous prediction 12700 is within this range I have predicted by another way. (See link below). But this previous set up is not really valid any more. But this new way has developed and I see it as confirmation.

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