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CL - Daily / Weakening Structure @ 377s Price Objective

CL continues to Lead Lower, we see the reaction @ 64.40 Price Objective was a Front Run of 3 Ticks, quite small. IN the ned the Objective was reached, we closed our SELLS again @ 56. _______________________________________________________________ Wah ti important is the Potential for Crude Oil to now Ping Pong between the 144 SMA and 377 SMA. Should it not, then the SELL will amplify again. The 57 to 62 Range would then come into the Trade. ________________________________________________________________ Frankly, we are excited about this Resolving into 2022. M2 will continue to expand. Russia and OPEC as well, the UAE have NO INCENTIVE to create supply just yet. This is a Coordinated shove lower. China is facing an enormous dislocation in Housing where 74.7% of the average Chinese person's Savings reside... it is wreaking havoc on Global Markets... a Contagion that simply gains traction every day. EverGrande has defaulted... there are many sources in the US, Germany, Canada, the UK, and a host of other Holders who has acknowledged there have been no payments on Bonds. They won't announce BK, it occurred over a month ago. China's Real Estate Market is the 1987 Equicv of the German Bund, which kicked things off then. Confidence continues to power down, the FED and Admin will be required to do something/anything to prevent a complete meltdown. They will, the issue will be when. ______________________________________________________________________ We should now see an RT in Crude Oil.

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