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Dont sweat Corn its all part of the plan

Dont sweat Corn its all part of the plan

1. first off said this weeks ago the long forgotten nvt thats been spot on since day 3 signaling mkt top n has always warned dump coming with high degree of accuracy
2. the CME gap... yall didnt think wall st n whales were gna let noobs get gains on gains that easy and the gap was that lil sign that made that last run to 12k nice n explosive but also told us he dont forget price will come back down to here and fill the gap . the placement of it is what is bullish af to me but will have the rookies paper hands hovering the panic sell / realize loss button at the low n stomachs churning with disgust.
3. where is that placement welp look up the diagonal trend line from dec 17 highs that has remained true until recently when CME price resisted it shortly then upon open of the new week printed that nice gap up i just mentioned that went right thru it n the mkt exploded upwards
4. fib retracement hit the real reversal zone .786 that i find holds true more often than the .618 tho price does react there too but the futher downat the .786 it bounces hard and has shown me real reversals with strength time after time.
5. Finally the 200 day ema is plotting its way up to that spot as yet another layer of offered support for this zone.
6. given the bull wicks on the previous two days and the volume increase this market is ready to drop (hopefully quickly upon open tomorrow) fill that gap n use points 2-6 ^^ to find support on support and bounce like a mother fucker. maybe a new candle record is in order. we can only hope and be ready.

this maybe one of very few times catching the knife might not be as awful/painful of a plan as it usually is.
Rookies- play it smart dont panic sell n dont get worked up trying to overtrade to get gains back or turn losses back to even youll probably get smoked. n fot the love of nora dont be leverage trading on anything more than 10x n even thats not a solid strat as a rookie in cryptoland.
Vets- just another day in the office

ps. wait a sec maybe thsi is terribly wrong and btc dumps to 1k lol doubt that but if the masses believe this%^ than shit down the hole we may go...
this is sparta? -no- this is Crypto...
les get ittttt

oh yea not a financial advisor if u make a trade by pressing buttons urself thats entirely on you. the above content is purely speculative content provided to show insight to how i perceive the current state of btc mkt and is entertainment. take responsibility for your money and moves

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