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technical say nasdaq can see 12200 daily Ema200

technical say nasdaq can see 12200 daily Ema200

green arrow =important buylimit place

us 10 year note will grow to 2.1 this will increase inflation and will push stock down ,specialy nazdaq can crash to 12200

personaly i am pro FDAX1! trader but be sure nasdaq pro traders all see this sell pattern , we still advice looking for sell (100% put sl on last high) if nazdaq can go up on good news ,cant go too much (overbought)

95% nazdaq will touch support on 13300
80% will see down big trend 13100
55% will see daily Ema200 12200
40% will see trend on 11700
5% can go up above 15000 (in april)

if you have old open sell ,wait until 13300 , dont close you sell soon

we and big fund managers will start buy nazdaq under 12200 not above

keep monitor AC (accelator occilator) and stoch 5.3.3 on 240min and 30min chart and FIBO 61% and 161%(most important level on all index)

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