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CRYPTO WEEKLY #17 (2021)

CRYPTO WEEKLY #17 (2021)

Lets start May well and continue the trend upwards as we have a lot of adoption ahead. We are at the moment where any serious investor cant get around crypto. With diminishing returns or potential in the stock market next to a blooming and growing crypto market; we have a long road ahead...

I project the majors to have a strong return in the trading sessions with coins like ETH, LINK, DOT, KSM and BNB doing specifically well - and of course; a strong return for BTC with a projected target of 62K - or to at least take out the 60K mark. If we take out our previous ATH this month, which is in the cards; we could see a 70K Bitcoin in the month of May. Which would coincide with the projected growth for the majors mentioned above. Smaller cap or high supply coins might struggle to keep up. I'm looking out for ETH this month specifically which could hit 4K if BTC pulls off its most bullish scenario of 70K. First though; lets take out 60K for BTC and reach the projected target zone of 3200 - 3400$ for ETH. Pullbacks may happen and we should always be cautious for such scenarios but the trend is bullish .

IMPORTANT: this is not financial advice, trade or invest based on your own risk and research.

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