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11.27.21 Russell 2000: I like to use multiple time frames. Most of the time I end up using two time frames. I always look at the daily chart , but the second timeframe is usually the 240 minute chart or the weekly chart. It's a little more complicated to look at two charts, but I believe I can make more objective and more accurate decisions which makes it worthwhile. In this example you will see things in one timeframe that you cannot see in the other, no matter how hard you try. You have a choice to think of this as a conflict that is not worth the effort. I think if you work with us a little bit you will find the advantages outweigh the inconvenience. Different time frames, give you different information at times, but the differences can actually help you and in many cases find opportunity, or avoid loss. People try to use different programming tools, and they can create the same kind of conflicts, but if you think about it, looking at moving averages or CCI's or stochastics in many ways are subjective and often don't work. Pick your poison: I'll take two time frames, and I will give you one timeframe, a CCI , a crossing average and two more oscillators of your choice.

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