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Dow Jones: Superman to the Rescue! 次

Dow Jones: Superman to the Rescue! 次

As we all clearly feel these days, the markets are knee-deep in a phase of correction. We know, this can be alarming, but never fear! There is hope for rescue! Its a bird! Its a plane! Its Superman! Like Superman rushes down to catch his crush Lois Lane in free fall, Dow Jones has rushed down into the orange-colored zone between 33518 and 32614 points. And just like Superman caught Lois Lane before she hit the ground, we expect Super Jones to end wave C in green within the orange-colored zone and before hitting 32500 points. The index should then fly up again, his red cape fluttering behind, and aim for 35221 points. From there, its superpower should be strong enough to shoot it to 36446 points and higher.

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