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ES1! SPX500USD 2021 Oct 25 Week

ES1! SPX500USD 2021 Oct 25 Week


ES1! SPX500USD 2021 Oct 25 Week

Market went up on narrow spreads, made new high and a UHV
ultra wide spread bar took out the previous 6 bars' low.
This is weakness. If market moves up on tiny spread and lower
volume , this is no demand, don't get trapped in long positions, or
tighten stops if long.

Weekly: Low volume up bar closing off high = Weakness.
Daily: Higher volume down bar closing off high,
selling as market high was made. Tighten stops.
H4: Ultra High Volume down bar close below middle and the low
took out last 6 bar's lows = weakness. If next is a down bar
this further confirms weakness.

Entries will be based on price reaction to the levels
Short = Test and Reject | Long = Test and Accept

4552 4515
4472 4411
4381 4333

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