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NQ Distribution Phase 8/8/2020

NQ Distribution Phase 8/8/2020

Institutions continued their distribution phase in the NQ. Institutions are taking advantage of the tech hype and sending the profits to vital sectors in the economy such as financials, utilities, and transportation.

The NQ overall gained nearly 8% since the first pullback on July 13th. The RTY or Russell gained nearly 14% in the same time frame. Why is that? The RTY is made of companies in financials, utilities, industrial, and transportation - non-tech sectors.

Silver gained from $20 to $28 during that time. Natural gas gained nearly 35% due to being in season. Bitcoin and Ethereum entered into their bull markets.

While FOMOers and Robinhooders were chasing the tech hype, they missed out on all those other opportunities for the past month. It's why a real trader needs to expand their horizon constantly and figure out how other sectors work. You are the only one who expands and limits your own opportunities.

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