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Nasdaq charts (NQ) What Is Going To Happen Next Week?

Nasdaq charts (NQ) What Is Going To Happen Next Week?

In the Three charts above, the monthly, weekly and daily I breakdown how I successfully read charts at a high level using my various custom indicators .

Some of these indicators are part of my 4 Pattern trading system.

In the charts you see the overextended indicator highlighting the green O's and red O's. These read when a pull back or reversal is coming. (this indicator is rare)

Also we have red and green support dots that pick very important support & resistance levels. (My S&R is very different from anyone else)

I am neutral because I recognize the upcoming week and know the volatility will be high yet my charts are signaling a rebound.

It is possible we see the rebound overnight but then a reversal to bear while hitting resistance and a lower highs during US trading hours.

It is important I follow the NQ, ES and VIX , to then formulate a plan of action for my successful stock entries.

Trend is your friend (unless you learn my overextended indicator)

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