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NQ - Bot Level Traps @ Levels

NQ - Bot Level Traps @ Levels

We began the BUY @ 14134 and continued to Buy to 14K .

It took hours of patience to wait for the Algos to run a trap
every RT Level.

They did it methodically.


We scaled by adding at every dip in on the 1Min to FIFO Flip
and reduced the average cost.

This continued for hours on end, until the ES began the run to its
Gap Fill, with a lowered average into the 14062s on an INV Ladder
all it took was time.

We exited our Sells when the ES completed the Gap Fill and stopped
trading as the Algos were going to Smoke the later chasers again
as 8/8 is completed.

The 50% @ 14143 has been a magnet all day as the 300 - 400 NQ buyers
discovered a wee bit late in the day.


8/8's are the most dangerous Count Day to Trade as they represent the
potential Lows prior to the Count reset.


NDX / NQ spread was out of synch all day.

AAPL had sellers everywhere.

AMZN was creamed with Sellers

SMH never really go it together and was down 3.7%

The GOOG's bot L and A saw immense profit taking

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