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US30USD YM1! DOW 2022 JAN 17

US30USD YM1! DOW 2022 JAN 17

US30USD YM1! DOW 2022 JAN 17

Last week's scenario 1 and 2 trades were good.
Preference is to long on pullback.

Considering Weekly and H4 weakness, preference to short on
Possible scenarios play out provided.

Short on Test and Reject | Long on Test and Accept

37760 36960
36806 36390
36120 35882
35521 35164
34894 34547
33927 33383

Weekly: Average volume down bar closing off low = some
Daily: High volume down bar closing in middle = some strength
H4: UHV down bar followed by up bar = strength

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Have a profitable week ahead.

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