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April11: FCPO (Weekly) - Bullish, R@4.4k, 4.6k, 4.8-5k 📈🐮🚀

April11: FCPO (Weekly) - Bullish, R@4.4k, 4.6k, 4.8-5k 📈🐮🚀

  • 🔅Fed continue with USD printing, US 10yr bond yield consistently rising touching 1.7-1.8%, US Stocks pumped by stimulus money...
  • 🔅Across-the-board commodity spike especially food & grains...
  • 🔅USD Index continue rising despite excessive printing, suppressing EM markets currencies (including our MYR )...

🌐These are all MACRO reasons why CPO will see higher prices going forward.
⚠️Risk: CPO entering high-production cycle; fluctuating global export demands due to restricted economic activities; COVID recovery progress.

Maintain mid-term bullish view as per last posted ideas below.
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Mar10 ATH call:

Q1 Bullish Call:

CPO Monthly Bullish Cycle:

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