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NQ | Points in a Box

NQ | Points in a Box

December 3rd, 21 current Box of Range is 30 trading days (Top Box, Yellow) in time and 1,014 point height or 6.54%. Current close is 50t or 3.35% away from 12/3 start. The white boxes inside the Top Box are trading days. There are more points available to those that can capture the movement daily than those that just play the Top Box. Rough turns, the Top Box has had 4.5 rough turns or 4,000 points for those that captured these turns. Any trader that has generated more than negative 507 or better than a 3.25% loss, is beating the market. See the swing of 4,500 points, this is just a start.

July 23, 21 to Current | Previous box zones

3 Day Period | Intraday Rough Trades

Over that past 30 trading days if a trader would of captured more than -16.9 in points, they would beating the market. May seem easier to do if can see the bigger picture inside the smaller time frame. If you want to crush the market, then there is that too. From my research the NAZ offers the most daily available points for trades and trade set ups. If you can capture 10% (net positive), you can see the potential should your percentage rise with progress and experience. If you do not quit until you are net positive, you will make it (Step 1).

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