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ES 2007 - 2009 ANALOGUE / V.1

ES 2007 - 2009 ANALOGUE / V.1

There are similarities to the 2000 DotCom Top as well, although
the Secondary High was a Lower High.

2007 - 2009 Price made a Higher Secondary High.

The Chast Structure is Self Explanatory - Momentum/Trend
for Price were extreme in Divergences than as they are now.

Although, they are far more Divergent now than then.

I will bring this forward in time with follow-on Commentaries.

It is important to be grounded in where this began and how it
hs evolved.

IF this interests you... Continue reading below, If not additional
Commentaries are forthcoming.


Market Structures evolve over time becoming more Complex as
QC/AI entered the Finacial Complex in the early 2000s.

After the DotCom Bust - HFTs at Exchange Place, AI Firms in
Chicago and New Jersey, and a number of Monetary Tools from the
Federal Reserve accomplished the next large scale move higher
in Capital Stocks - Real Estate, Housing, Bonds, Commodities .


In early 2004 I was working with the largest Private Capital E-Mini
Traders within the United States - A number of Open Outcry Floor
Traders as well.

What we began to observe was a clear and consistent pattern to
how the E-Mini was being "Price Collared".

By March of 2004, I had enough Data from one Ticket Number to approach
the SEC. We had accumulated a very large "Evidence" there was an ongoing
and persistent Action(s) by one firm in Particular - They shall remain
nameless as will the Tickets Number for reasons which will be explained.

The Firm was based out of Chicago, they were a highly advanced Trading
Entity with Extraordinarily Sponsorship. Levels of Bids / Offers well beyond
the largest Market Participants.

This Entity would place 80K to 100K CTs on both sides of the Market for the
E-Mini, in effect, "Collaring Price" and moving how they desired.


The Largest Private Traders for the ES were being Run Over, Steam-Rolled
and absorbing very HIgh Losses.

They began to reduce their participation and reduce overall Liquidity.


The SEC did not respond.

Unfortunately, we did. After a number of Interviews, the information
spread like a wildfire then. It was met with both agreement and disbelief.

All references to this event have been removed from the World Wide Web.

It was scrubbed, eradicated, and became an Event which to this day is no
longer acknowledged to ever have occurred. The Same Paetiipants remain
to this very Day.

No one wanted to believe there was an Entity "Controlling Price" - this led
up into the Financial Crisis of 2007 - 2009.

A mere 5 years later, Although the American Public voted against, TARP/TALF
and Bank Bailouts to a 91% - NO. The Die had been cast and the Public would
be used to Bailout Private Losses to insure the "Banking System" remained

It wasn't the Banking System - It was Commercial, Money Center Banks. The
very Partners to the Federal Reserve - who required Bailing out as did many
European Partners via the BiS.

The total Bailout then - $34.2 Trillion.


In less than 5 short years, what was not credible...

Became the Norm.

"Liquidity" in the form of Bailouts spread to a number of Sectors via Fiscal
Incentives from the US Government.

A generation was raised on the belief - This is for our own good, it will work
and there is nothing to be of concern.

So ended Alan Greenspan's tenure, a Political Fed Chair and Maestro of the
"Credit Cycle" which began under the Reagan Administration.


Since 2009 - Gagging for Liquidity has been the Normal Mode of Operation.

Blips in 2016 and 2018 were mere blips in the Edifice, Monetary and Fiscal
Policies continued to Sell the Future.


It underlies how we moved from 2009 to 2021 and beyond.

How it has devolved into present Circumstance.


I will drill down in time to present and observe the current Structure
and its attendant and underlying issues in further Commentaries.

2007 - 2009 is most meaningful as it was the first failure of the Credit Cycle.

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