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NQ - Zooming Out

NQ - Zooming Out

On the very Day, the IMF Issues a cloaked but rather Dire Warning...

The usual suspects show up...

Keyser Söze decides its "Buy the Dip or your miss the Jet leaving the Airport, TLT to 172 baby"

Kobayashi is keen on BitCon, which has seen a largest influx of degeneracy in months.

Dean Keaton swears "this is it b_thces~! BUY BUY BUY everything, it's bottomed~!"

Fred Fenster doubles down on Elon and Dogecoin /BabyDoge

Michael McManus levered up on for the FOMC, Powell's got our backs brothers, BUY MOAR AMC!

Roger 'Verbal' Kint - decided his time was best spent learning to Sail.

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