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NASDAQ - the super bull needs a break

NASDAQ - the super bull needs a break

The whole upward movement is very nice and marked by strength.

I expect another break of the 15,000 and an increase to the 15,170 area. Then I see a slightly larger correction there. You can see possible goals in the chart. To be honest, I also expect a stronger pullback. 14,639 and 14,450 (minimum targets) should be undercut in my opinion. That means we should go back to the wedge and see 14.309 // 14.042 again. So far this is only an approximate target range, as I don't know how high we will run in this momentum. So I'm slowly preparing for some shorts. 14,000 - 14,300 is buying zone for longs .. I can't say more at the moment.

..oh wait: I don't want to see it below 13,958. Underneath is bear territory and we could quickly see the 12,xxx again. But that's all just specualtion;)

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