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monday tecknical analyse + dax sentiment report

monday tecknical analyse + dax sentiment report

if you have buy ,close it now, dont pick buy above 15300
indicator AC 4hour is red AC 30min now tern red too(mean down trend ,seller comming) dax must go down fill gap (then little can zigzag or go up) then must comes down to fill open gap + trend line break before (powerful pattern)

like gap on 14850 , this new important gap must fill soon or late

note = if dax can break trend line+ upper gap ,can go down to 14650 (that gap is active too )

green,red arrow=limit order place with SL=40 TP=min 180

For this week for bad NFP and very bad unemployment % news on friday ,we predict down pressure for this week (if powerful good news not come)

good luck

FDAX sentiment (see end of page in link)
fdax open orders by company,bank,broker (blue) and retail trader (yellow)

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