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NQ Range (9-20-21)

NQ Range (9-20-21)

NAZ near cliff of no support zone . I warned of this on 9-11 (attached). The previous 5 trading days had some very strange counter moves to the upside. I call these propping or manipulation. Intraday traders see all movements and sometimes, things do not add up (they do now). Should the NAZ break below its current level, the next support level is the yellow dash (15127) and stronger support at 15160. These would be good buy zones. The thick Red TL is the upper test, any rejection here would be the your short zones. You can expect an attempt in the Overnight to lift the NAZ up (away from cliff ) and then the Open Session will test the red for the next move. Should the Overnight sell of prior to Monday open, things will get ugly as the momentum will be too strong to redirect. Review prior Bear/Corrections, they look like what we are seeing here and this is a crucial test for the NAZ . Followers, Lower Box is insight.

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