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BTC - 42K correction / Asia

BTC - 42K correction / Asia

Bitcoin has seen a 40%+ decline in 58 Days.

The Selling has been persistent and unrelenting during this period.

40K is an important Psychological Support that is now being tested.


Our thesis is proving out as Liquidity is contracting, the placeholder
fro excess Liquidity would see a large correction.

Our initial Price Objective for the follow on High was 69K followed
by 75K should the Futures ever trade above 70K.

Price fell short of the Coinbase Cash/Spot price.


There will be an enormous opportunity in Bitcoin from lower levels.

Where exactly, I believe this will surprise many people holding BTC and

During the prior selling, BTC lost 50% of its Price, should it perform a
similar feat the 33K level, a Price Objective we have Open as the
Lower Boundary, will be watched closely.

Crypto Winter Cycle provides another year of the potential for new
high on the next reliquefaction of M2 .

This Price Objective extends to 137K.


Genser has been quiet @ the SEC, far too quiet.

2022 will be a difficult year for the Crypto Trade, volatility is controlled
to a point, then - suddenly it breaks wide open.

February - March will be an important timeframe for BTC

Contrary to the Media's Rate comparison, BTC has moved from ~$1000 to $NEAR
$70,000 in five short years.

The Weekly RSI is now @ 44.77, well below 50, and remains in trend.


We' are SOH with BTC until it completes this reduction.

There is a great deal of negativity mounting once again. Many repeating
the traditional Mantra - A limited supply of Nothing.

Much the same will be said of the US Dollar one day.

The Long Trade will be exciting, profitable, and spectacular.

33K needs to hold, or it can drop significantly.

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