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SP 500 large count, Primary count 4 wave of the 5th

SP 500 large count, Primary count 4 wave of the 5th

Thinking out loud trying to make sense of it all.. Still thinking we have another push up to come before the market makes a larger top. The move could certainly blow off more but I think 5400 range is conservative if we do have a 5th to come. Growth sector is the most beat up and the value rotation doesn't make sense as they are over represented by businesses that will be deeply disrupted by exponential technologies( EV /Hyrdogen/Solar/Biotech/Crypto/3d printing/AI). That seems the best long term sector to rotate to in my opinion. Either way everything will be affected by the massive shift in the underlying and antiquated finance system underpinning everything. Some are calling tops now but historically the market still rises for the first rate rises. But the slowing economy and likely peak in inflation over the last month may tip the feds hand early and maybe they only get a couple of hikes in. If there is a surprise to be had its more likely dovish than hawkish. And it seems unlikely we get concensus to spur growth in government. Deflation likely wins on multiple fronts before inflation gets another hand when the system breaks. The major unknown is exponential growth and the pivot to it...growth will be massive when it ramps up the curve, half of the growth occurs in the last doubling. Many forces colliding. Good luck out there. Cash flow is king.

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