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Alert=dow dax sp500 can go up touch high again

Alert=dow dax sp500 can go up touch high again

as we predict 3 days ago dax ,dow,nazdaq, sp500 go down
but now
4 hour chart AC (accelator occilator) and stochastic 5.3.3 show new + trend comming

fibo extention (projection) show next target=4260

becouse no bad news behide and earning news comes very good , 90% dax ,dow, sp500 back to high to touch high again ( double top ) 10% can go down and fill gap ,then will grow up wild

if you have old sells ,100% close all now or pick hedge buy on dax FDAX1! (if goes to up you be safe)
NEVER CLOSE BUYS BEFORE SELLS ,trend is very very + and sp500 go to 5377!!!!

WE ADVICE=in 2021 stand on buy side (buy in deep ,buystop on 15min chart high) , dont pick sell signals

enjoy bull market in 2021-2022

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