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VIX - Day 190 Curve Contango / VXX / VVIX / UVXY

VIX - Day 190 Curve Contango / VXX / VVIX / UVXY

The VIX Roll Yield was 398 Ticks of Spread on Settlement.

It has since come into 336 Ticks VX1/ M1 over Spot.

The Curve has remained in Contango for the second-longest
period since the creation of the Volatility Complex in 2004.

273 Days remains the prior longest Contango Duration.


Roll Yield close over 20%, the mean is ~ 8.55%. More than 2X
the average.

This implies the continuation of the current period of sustained
lower Volatility .

Intra-Day, compression brought the M1 / M2 into Backwardation
a few weeks back, on Close, it traded back to Contango.


Traders are clearly Trend following, comfortable with the VOL
Crush as Vol of Vol ( VVIX ) traded through 105 tp 102.36.

VVIX traded to 100.06 on October 21st during the 15:00 Hourly

The Spread Gap to close for the Continuous Contract has a great
deal or room to resolve.

2021 the VX Curve Trend has been Lower, as it was from the ATH
made in 2020. A Daily Downtrend with a clearly defined Price
Objective @ 12.25.


Chasing WaterFalls has paid in the VX Curve as Sellers have seen
a continual decline, with few interruptions.


The VXX (Constant Rolling 30 Day Maturity) is making new lows.

Price will again on NYSE OPEN - IF the Globex Price Levels hold
from the O/N Ramp and Camp. 20.75 will be exceeded to the

Uber Kink - UVXY - has made another All Time Low @ 15.70 while
continuing to Ride the downward slopping Lower Weekly Trend Line .

There are a great many "This is It~! (TII) moments in the 1/5X levered
UVXY . It has its teeth pulled long ago when the 2X was cut by 33% to
current levels of 30 Day - All in Positions on VX which has been systematically

Positioning for the Big Lick there has been met with "Capital Relief"...


For now, AND this is subject to change... Wall Street has the VX complex
well contained.

How much longer will it last?

It will depend, of course, on how the next two weeks unfold through the
Meat of EPS .

We have the FED and further Taper Talk into early November


The VX Complex moves "Out of Balance" - only to be brought back into
"Balance" once everyone has begun Whale Watching Portside.

Starboard list is approaching.


There are a number of concerns building within the Equity Complex,
how long will they require to resolve... will depend on how carefully
worded Companies reporting temper their "Inflation Warnings."

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