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CL - Oh My

CL - Oh My

Crude Oil is Dangerous, as CL defended Micro Support.

It can retrace prior o the Next Sell


It can implode to 57, we believe it will, just not yet.


USA and OPEC are in no way increasing Production, pure
comedy at this point. The PRess Release was a convoluted
amalgam of nothing.

No Change in Plans, but our Plans will INDEED Change.

400KBPD over/under was used to Squeeze.

"All is well or appears to be - so we'll let ya's know in a
few weeks as we intend to keep the meeting open in

Idiocy, convoluted idiocy.

Simply Put, they will be making Cuts, but need price
far more stable as we don't want $20 Crude Oil .

Which they may well see.


Extreme danger here, we got cute buying the PO Yesterday
and were not around to manage so we close after 133 Ticks.

It reversed 500 off the lows... a very large Squeeze.

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