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technical show sell now , dont buy avove 4200

technical show sell now , dont buy avove 4200

1- very very bad NFP and 6.1 US unemployment this week will effect ,can down currection start !!!! NFP and unemployment show economy not good as we think (show market is above fair value) big traders know these bad numbers is start of future bad news,will looking for sell

2-see AC accelator occilator 4hour show down trend and seller coming (if your platform dont have this indicator,instead use stochastic 7.4.4 on 30-240min chart is very important)

keep monitor AC in 30-240min chart (when AC 240min is red,looking for sell)

3-green arrow=powerfull buylimit place you must put with SL

ALERT= on 4000 we have very important support + on 4020 open important gap , we predict 100% these must fill soon or late ,for this 100% put SL for your buys ,dont buy above 4200 (wait for above on chart green arrow )

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