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Premarket High Low and ATR

Premarket High Low and ATR


NOTE! - This is a new idikator and its not tested - feel free to comment if you notice any issues.
NOTE! - Default values are set for FDAX - DAX futures
NOTE! - Text and arrows are to explain how it works - I dont know how to lable the lines in pine script :( wish i could lable , pmkt-H, pmkt-L, ATR-H, ATR-L to the right of the lines drawn.

Indicator marks premarket high/low and full dayli ATR, based on premarket values on chart

---- Premarket low drawn on chart
---- Premarket high drawn on chart
---- From premarket low plus dayli ATR is drawn on chart
---- From premarket high minus dayli ATR is drawn on chart
---- On left top of screen the daily ATR is displayed at the point your marker is placed on the chart


Adjustable features

Premarket starting hour
Premarket starting minute
Premarket ending hour
Premarket ending minute
ATR faktor ---- If set to 2 it dubbles the distance.

Line colors and styles

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