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Morning Ideas December 6, 2021

Morning Ideas December 6, 2021

Good morning traders and welcome to a new week.

Challenging trade as we whipped about 110 points on Friday. As we are still in negative gamma territory (options) I would expect it be the same kind of noise in the market.

These markets are challenging in this high volatility environment. The biggest key here in my personal trading (I learned the hard way), is to make sure when the volatility shows up, I decrease my size and widen my stops. When I do this, I"m rather successful. WHen I don't, I die the death of 1000 cuts. You simply cannot trade with small stops in a whippy market and survive the normal ebbs and flows.

Im leaning slight long here, but I'm cautious because I feel like this is close to the middle.

Good luck this week, it's likely to be another roller coaster.

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