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Fusion Test: ES Future IchimokuClouds-AlgoKeyCode-TheCurve $300+

Fusion Test: ES Future IchimokuClouds-AlgoKeyCode-TheCurve $300+

I finally got my own fiber optic line for streaming. So I wanted to test out a theory I had on fusing together ichimoku cloud pop, the curve, and the algo key code all mashed up together like it was some menege et trois. I decided to use the ES because it has the most movement this time of night and also it was blood red when I started which gave it no reason what so ever to succeed. Once it started to look like ground hogs day and it popped the cloud like Superman I placed my trade in. This is a test so no real money.

Once i placed the trade I started looking at the variables for the curve and what happened the last time it did the same thing. Then I dropped the algo Key code. Now the video stopped short and it could possibly still be going up. But when the video was about to cut it was at $287.50 with a high around $300 on 1 contract. I dont know about you but thats pretty strong. Thats 12 ticks. Now the big question is, " Is this repeatable?" Can I find this move and just repeat it again and again.

I guess we will have to wait and see. This was done on a 5 min chart so I would say this happens everyday easily a few times a day maybe. Just depends on if the market makes a correction or not.
The other thing would be if it doesnt happen that much you have other futures you can watch for the same setup. When it happens you can play more contracts to maximize what you need to get out of it.
either way.....This is a test to see if this fusion works.

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by iCantw84it

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