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BANKNIFTY FUTURE'S for expirey day 🎯

BANKNIFTY FUTURE'S for expirey day 🎯

Hii traders😊
I hope that you are doing well

🛑 Yesterday i was analysed intraday market levels for 22nd SEP and market closed in between that range and that range is indecisive and we can't predict which direction market will move so that levels will always play crucial role in trading
( U can check those levels those were in mine profile)

🛑 If we see intraday volatility for banknifty Futures ie . About 0.6% means comparatively it low

◽ Intraday volatility low means what and whom will get benefits from it ❓
Well , answer is simple
Option sellers were get benefited from that and they love choppy market ( I have given short strangle strikes based on India vix u can checkout that they were made some good profits )

◽ How they will get benefited from that when market is stayed in between range ❓
Well , usually this question is running in everyone's mind
Answer is simple they get benefited from decay (Theat) as expirey day appear premium will decreases both CALL and PUT premium's

◽ This heards very profitable right ❓
No , u need high margin to sell Call and put means u need more margin (simply money 💰)

◽ Mainly their profit's is limited and Loss is infinity

🛑 Now you are think that option buying is less Risky ...
◽ Yes, option buying is less Risky when you initiate trade after exact breakout /breakdown of resistance / support level respectively

◽ If you initiate trade just only because you feel that market will go up then market will get reversed from that point maybe everyone one as feel this 😀 (if you feel this same then comment below )

◽ Then point is How to avoid this ❓
Well, I will give exact market levels for you guys
The resistance and support level for intraday for Banknifty futures

🛑 If we closely watch the market in 15 mins time frame.
◽Market failing to breakout the resistance level 37470-37500
◽And it is bounce back from its support level ie . 36900-36850 zone ( this what I given in premarket analysis u can checkout weather it is right or wrong )

🎯 Key levels to watch out for expirey Day 23rd SEP

🛑 Crucial resistance zone is at for BANKNIFTY futures ie . 37470-37550

◽If it successfully breakout this level we can initiate the trade
◽ Why should we have to initiate trade only after breakout ❓
Well , answer is simple when ever market trying to breakout that level sellers were getting active and shorting the market at that level and it is acting as supply zone
◽after the breakout of 37550 Target 1🎯 ie . 37800 and with stoploss of 37300
◽ If wanted to achieve 2nd target use Trailing stoploss as T1 ( if you use like this I'm sure you will never loose money to market)
◽2nd Target 🎯 ie . 38000 after breakout of 37800-37850 zone

🛑 Crucial support zone for banknifty futures is at 36900-36850
◽ If it successfully breakdown the level we can short the market from that level to 🎯 Target 1 ie . 36610 with The stop loss of 36950

➡️ BankNifty futures will be weaker below 37100
➡️More shorts will get covered if it's traded above 37300
➡️ Resistance zone 37450-37550
➡️ Support zone 37900-37850

Thanks for reading ,
If I'm wrong kindly let me know in comment section I will correct it and it helps me lot to increase mine knowledge

if you like it do follow and have a nice day 😊

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