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a cautionary tale ⛔

a cautionary tale ⛔

consider this post somewhat of a warning, a scenario the majority would dread, but a scenario that has a 50% chance of playing out.

i have discussed this scenario in very much detail in the past, and i'm going to do a very comprehensive video about it tomorrow morning.


here's the thing.

we still have a valid case for the short term bearish scenario to play out, which would take btc down into the low 30k range to complete a larger degree wave 4 correction through an expanded flat.

we simply cannot jump to this conclusion without seeing a confirmation first - so consider this a heads up just in case we have to resort to this outcome.

we'll get confirmation for this when we see what the bounce looks like on btc in the week ahead.

if it moves up in 3 waves as i have displayed on my chart here, and we reach the 0.618 near the end of the move -> then there's a 75% chance this plays out.

i'm not bullish or bearish during this time, but i will be upon receiving further confirmation.

which ever way it goes, we'll have a very high probability trade setup to ride the waves in either direction.

best of luck to you all, stay vigilant in this market, expect the unexpected, and be ready for anything that may come our way.


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