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LEJ2021. Live Cattle Daily. In the golden pocket.

LEJ2021. Live Cattle Daily. In the golden pocket.

Any dedicated live cattle traders, I would love to hear your take! If you are there is no need to read what I have below. You would probably find it very stupid.


I do not understand the fundamentals surrounding this market as far as when the high prices are. Doing a quick google search I see from the first image brought up that typically live cattle is falling right about now and getting ready to rebound. We have been rising steadily for a while, so I think it's safe to say the market is not behaving to expectation. That makes me a little uncertain, but I am falling back on TA entirely for any decisions here.

I hate to buy anything before I see the momentum in my favor, but if I ever were to buy a zone, this wouldn't be a bad one . I have picked this apart thoroughly, and as non-biased as possible, and I think I did a really good job so I hope you enjoy.


One thing I notice is that whenever I say "this wouldn't be the worst" or "this wouldn't be a bad one" historically it has been a bad one . If this goes against me I will have to make some conscious decisions to change just a little in that department.


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