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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a global payment system with similar backup functions, but no country has legally recognize Bitcoin is technically the first decentralized digital currency, as it operates without a central bank or central authority.This network is peer-to-peer and transactions are made directly and without intermediaries between users.

Nodes use cryptography technology to review these transactions and record them in a publicly distributed general ledger called a blockchain. Bitcoin was invented by a person or group of anonymous individuals under the name Satoshi Nakamoto and was introduced in 2009 as an open source software.

The value of bitcoin from 2016 to 2021. The value of a bitcoin has increased from $ 789 in December 2016 to about $ 57,000 in February 2021.
In the last few years, the value of bitcoin in global markets has increased from a few hundred US dollars to several thousand dollars. The number of service companies and merchants that accept bitcoins is also increasing.

No one owns a bitcoin network, and like email, it is bitcoin users who control it. Bitcoin applications are not available in any of the other payment systems.
"Money" is a legal status, and bitcoin being a currency is subject to the acceptance of its legal status by governments. And China emphasize that Bitcoin is a commodity. In the Japanese and German legal systems, bitcoin is a commodity that can be used as a means of payment.
2011 and 2012
After the first exchanges to prove the concept, the first large group of Bitcoin users were members of the black market like the Silk Road. In the thirty months since the advent of bitcoin , in early 2011, the Silk Road accepted bitcoin alone as a means of payment, exchanging nearly 9.9 million bitcoins worth $ 214 million.

The identity of the creator of Bitcoin is unknown. Satoshi Nakamoto is said to be the inventor of Bitcoin . His true identity is still unknown; But in 2016, an Australian scientist named Craig Wright claimed to be the inventor of Bitcoin . Of course, many believe that he is not a person and that Bitcoin is the product of a large programming group.

Specifications of the first bitcoin were published in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto in an encrypted email list. Nakamoto postponed the project until late 2010, and in 2011 Nakamoto sent an email saying he had given up bitcoin and turned to other projects.

So far, many people have come forward as Nakamoto, all of whom have officially denied it. One of the most famous was a 64-year-old American man named Dorian, who was named the main Nakamoto by Newsweek; Dorian denied all reports, saying he had nothing to do with bitcoin . Dorian sued Newsweek for upsetting his life.

The first bitcoin transaction from Satoshi's wallet was sent to an American cryptographic engineer named Hall Finney, which caused a great deal of controversy. Denying the allegations, Hal Finney later admitted that he had been in touch with Satoshi via email. That transaction was performed solely for trial and error.
In December 2015, a joint investigation by Wired and Gizmodo suggested that Craig Wright, an Australian computer engineer and businessman, might be the real inventor of Bitcoin . On May 2, 2016, Craig Wright claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto. The BBC , according to articles published by him, was able to sign a message with a private key related to the first bitcoin transaction. Some prominent members of the Bitcoin community also confirmed his claim. Wright stated the reason for revealing his true identity to protect the privacy of those around him.

He then withdrew further evidence to substantiate his claim. Three days after Craig Wright claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, he went into hiding. He announced on his blog that he would not provide any other evidence to substantiate his claim. Wright had promised strong evidence to substantiate his claim, stating that extraordinary claims required extraordinary evidence; But instead, he deleted all his previous blog posts and wrote an article titled "Sorry." In this post, he stated that he is not capable enough to prove his claim. He also apologized to prominent members of the Bitcoin community who supported him. "I hope their reputation is not tarnished by his work," he wrote. At first glance, his public statements seemed conclusive; But a closer look at his documents revealed that the signature he presented as Satoshi's signature was copied from a web page. Wright is now gone. Without making a simple attempt to prove his claim. While there were simple steps Wright could use to prove Nakamoto. In the meantime, Wright's only achievement was that he attracted much attention.

Nakamoto's unknown identity raises concerns. For example, there is a misconception about the open source nature of bitcoin . That any developer can review the code or make changes to it or build their own bitcoin software. Security is an important feature of open source software.
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