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Post-market, Monday, May 3, 2021

Post-market, Monday, May 3, 2021

Good afternoon traders!

Here is the recap of the market:

20 Days trend: Up, we start to see some wekness in this trend, even thought it is very light, we might keep this in mind, and in check.

VIX: 18.3. The VIX pretty much went on a rollercoaster travel all over the place and came back to the same levels as this morning. The points were it went down did'nt match pretty well the market response, this is something that need to be kept in mind, as this discrepancy may mean that the market is ready to go higher, or the oposite. The changes in the VIX will help us see through this.


The market played very well in the upper side of this VA, but incapable of going any further, it came down, back to the VAL, where we are right now. From here, the chances that the market goes lower instead of balancing are higher than before, but still no so high as to be considered as our primary play. The three most likely scenarios here are:

1.-The market balances in the VA, and goes back higeher, and comes back to VAL afterwards.
2.-We balance to the VAH, and from there to a new high.
3.-We fail, and fail to the very bottom.

From here I'll be willing to go long from 4171.75
Stop at 4157
Take profit at 4196.50

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